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Real-world software development experience. Contribute. Add to your portfolio. Build career confidence.

At Hyperfine, we're hyper-focused on helping our clients reach their career goals. Whether you're just starting out, or want to expand your hands-on knowledge, there's a place for you here.

Engineering experience

Free and premium tiers

You're a recent graduate, coding bootcamp student, or self-taught self-starter. You haven't worked in a professional development environment yet, or you're part of a team but worry about keeping up. Work on real project workflows, master professional tools, and grow your skills with open-source contributions.


30 minute sessions

Imagine therapy for software devs, with a technical slant. Ask all your questions in a safe space, overcome imposter syndrome, and develop strategies for continuous learning. It's harder and slower to go it alone, and now you don't have to.


Join our network

Join a growing network of entry- and mid-level software engineers dedicated to developing their skills and getting real-world experience. We build relationships with hiring managers and refer our vetted clients for a variety of engineering roles.
Rob Bearman

Meet Rob Bearman. Founder and CEO.

Rob is an experienced technical leader and lifelong learner. From self-taught software engineer to collaborating with Bill Gates at Microsoft, he develops solutions that grow into successful businesses. Rob leads software development teams, empowers engineers, and navigates diverse technology landscapes.

Rob understands career development beyond having a wealth of algorithmic knowledge, such as how to stay sane, build longevity, see opportunity, be brave, recover from mistakes, value learning, stay active, welcome change, identify inflection points, and understand how to start from zero.



Change happens constantly in technology, whether you’re a part of it or not. As engineers, we can never become too comfortable being an expert in what we know; inflection points are to be expected and embraced as part of what keeps the job exciting. Continuous learning is the most important skill in your toolset.


Great software solves great problems, and if you’re not innovating, you’re merely copying. Innovation requires a deep understanding of the problem space, combined with incremental improvements that build toward success. Innovation comes from insights, creativity, and most importantly, community synergy.


Empathy is a requirement for delivering the highest quality software. And it starts with empathy for users; without it, you’re writing software for yourself. Understanding others’ perspectives is crucial for relationship building and for making products that delight.


Reputation is part of your job. Friendships and connections are made when engineers work together toward a common goal and leave individual egos behind. Community develops naturally between groups of developers who genuinely care about their colleagues and consumers.

What People Are Saying

“Rob knows how to inspire people to be better versions of themselves. He has a way of illuminating a direction and then inspiring his team to dig in and become the expert. He has great empathy. Great emotional intelligence. A sense of humor. He is also a great communicator. He can explain technical ideas with an economy of words. Rob is a superstar.”
- Tom ButcherPrincipal Software Engineering Lead, Microsoft
“Rob has this great perspective in an industry and a practice where things can change rapidly all the time. He has a critical eye and is able to determine what trends are worth following. Years of technical experience across different organizations and different contexts give him a unique perspective in how software can be built and how products should be built.”
- Henry RoseSenior Director of Engineering, Mindbody
“Rob is a great mentor. He makes sure that folks understood that they’ve been heard and that they’re valued, and that their growth is critical. He is a competent, caring group leader with focus on excellent execution and on-time delivery and transparency in what and how he delivers. He brings honesty and transparency and good managership to an organization.”
- Holly KnightPrincipal Product Manager, Microsoft