Not connecting?

Make sure to check our tips page, too.

Check iTunes

If your device is discovered correctly, it will appear within iTunes' navigation pane:

Pairing in iTunes

Click on "Remote for iTunes" to enter your 4-digit code and complete connecting.

Enable multicast DNS

If "Remote for iTunes" does not appear within iTunes' navigation pane, your router may be blocking multicast DNS. Consult your router documentation to unblock multicast DNS before proceeding.

Check network connection

Your device needs to be connected to the same network as iTunes. This is usually via Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi connected

If it isn't, connect using your device's wireless settings.

Single network only

If your Mac or PC is connected to your network via both wired and wireless, iTunes may not detect your device. Disconnect one of them and try again.

Make sure iTunes looks for remotes

In iTunes preferences, check under the Devices tab that iTunes looks for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad Remotes.

Restart iTunes

Sometimes iTunes gets confused. Restart iTunes on your Mac or PC and try again.

Check your firewall

If you have a firewall in your router, make sure that TCP port 3689 and UDP port 5353 are open.

Do the same on your Mac or PC using the following instructions:

If you're running Mac OSX 10.5, just make sure the firewall is not set to "Allow only essential services" as described here.

Uninstall other remotes

Sometimes remotes conflict with each other. Uninstall others to see if that does the trick.

Restart your PC or Mac

Restart your PC or Mac to try and clear things up.

Recreate your connection?

If your iTunes Mac or PC has recently gotten a new IP address, you will have to reestablish your connection:

  • While in Remote for iTunes, use the menu softkey and tap "Settings"
  • Tap "Add connection" and follow the instructions to reconnect

Something else?

If nothing worked, some other network configuration is preventing connection. Check our tips page for additional information. Check back here in the future for more troubleshooting options.

Privacy policy

Remote for iTunes requests Android permission READ_PHONE_STATE solely to pause iTunes audio when a phone call is received.

Unsupported version

Enjoy worry-free operation by using the officially supported Hyperfine Remote for iTunes.

Stand by while you are redirected to the latest full-featured release.