Our agile process magnifies your hidden value

We listen to you about your business, your people, and your processes

How we do it

There is no one process for all companies. We learn about our clients and their business, putting into plan an agile, risk-tolerant process for identifying their business goals and building the technology backbone to support it.

Digital transformation is about monetizing new insights about your business, customers, products, and services through the availability and accessibility of all your data.

  1. We learn about our clients business goals, operations, workflows, and sources of data
  2. We encourage our clients to identify key margins for improvement and data insights that can be used to achieve them
  3. We help our clients centralize their data, breaking down data silos, so they can ask questions of their cross-referenced data using modern analytic tools
  4. We work with our clients in building new processes based on the results of their predictive analytics
  5. We help our clients bring the culture of data gathering and analytics to all their teams and employees

Identifying silos of data

Behind the company culture of digital transformation lies the infrastructure, or backbone of data management. As our clients identify their current sources of data, they will find that much of it exists in isolated silos, locked within the applications they use for managing ERP, CRM, and other business operation software.

Those applications may include the ability to perform analytics over the stored data, but that analysis is limited to the scope or context of the application. Digital transformation requires the ability to ask questions against the context of all or any portion of your data.

The backbone of data management

Bringing your data together

We work with tools and systems providers who help make unified data management possible. We help our clients architect a data pipeline that ingests data from their data silos and other sources into a centralized data lake where the data can be processed and analyzed for insights and actions.

This involves technical planning and architecture that includes setting up data flows, cataloging data, conformance to to security and compliance rules, preparing data for analysis, etc. Hyperfine can help you understand and achieve all of your data backbone needs.