How can you learn about Digital Transformation?

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Digital transformation is every bit as revolutionary as the Industrial Revolution. Insightful business leaders understand it's a long term journey that involves every business operation and every employee. They understand that while technology is important, the journey is one of defining company culture and agile processes that lead to competitive improvements in profit margins.

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"The coupling of granular, real-time data (e.g., smartphones, connected devices, smart appliances, wearables, mobile commerce, video surveillance) with modern technologies (e.g., cloud native apps, big data architectures, hyper-converged technologies, artificial intelligence, blockchain) to enhance products, processes, and business-decision making with customer, product and operational insights."

What is Digital Transformation?

"Today, most companies struggle with the most simplistic of data questions: Who is my customer? What have I sold them? What else might they need? With these shortcomings, customer relationships have no lasting value, and new entrants will more easily pick off a legacy player's customer base."

How Can You Battle The Uber In Your Industry? Use Your Data

"Digital transformation drives the engine of the company. To do this, leaders need to bring in tech and cultural changes that empower their employees, engage customers in new ways, optimize operations, and transform products. Rebuilding an organization around these areas creates a fully digital company that can change ahead of its customers and competition."

Winners and Losers in the Digital Economy, Harvard Business Review

"Addressing these five questions will ensure that your organization is exploiting the value of data and the power of analytics to guide your organization's digital transformation."

Bill Schmarzo's Five Questions that Define Your Digital Transformation

"Everybody is part of this reimagining of the customer journey and of the process, and part of the digitizing. We have many more people who are part of this transformation than we would if we had just focused on one part of the company."

The digital reinvention of an Asian bank

"We focus on what problems are we are trying to solve and what is the most efficient way. It's not enough to hire a few data scientists, you need people to change their mindset."

Going Digital In Banking

"A bold strategy is just the starting point. An expert panel debates how to make digital transformation happen, from winning boardroom buy-in to preparing employees to work shoulder-to-shoulder with AI."

Embracing the reality of digital transformation