We are experts in data and application technology

We make technology accessible to decision makers

We understand that a business’s long-term success is based on its unique DNA, and the internal talent that encompasses a range of attributes including imagination and creativity. We untether those attributes by helping clients eliminate doubt and uncertainty with regard to technical strategy, giving them the confidence to unleash their imagination and apply their creativity to their competitive space. Competitive advantage comes from seeing the broader business scope, connecting dots and identifying opportunities, and exploiting these insights faster and more effectively than competitors. We provide unbiased and actionable guidance, equipping our clients with the consciousness of their own abilities and qualities, and acting as a dedicated, loyal partner researching, exploring, and advising in technical strategy.

Our principals and associates are notable for their impressive technical leadership experience at startups and at companies like Microsoft, Google, and Apple. Beyond their technical expertise, they are known for their personal qualities in listening, understanding the question behind the questions asked, and their ability to translate between the technical and human factor domains.

Rob Bearman, CEO

Rob Bearman is the founder and CEO of Hyperfine. Rob is an experienced technical and strategic leader who brings a nuanced and wise understanding of markets and technologies, with an eye toward high level systems integration. He has led software development teams, mentored and empowered engineers, and participated in a vast number of technology areas over the course of his thirty-plus-year career.

Rob was a technical lead in the Windows group at Microsoft, helping to define new user interfaces such as the taskbar and desktop for Windows NT and Windows 95. He led the development team designing the prototype for Microsoft's Windows Media Center Edition, integrating for the first time music, movies, games, and digital television on a single system. He was also an expert in the design and implementation of Microsoft's Component Object Model.

As the founder of Hyperfine, Rob was a trusted and valued consultant partner for companies including Qualcomm and Microsoft. He developed a mobile location-based platform incorporating realtime maps and GPS tracking years before the iPhone made its appearance.

Rob built commercial mobile applications for Android and iOS devices under the Hyperfine brand. He has designed phone-based voice interfaces using VoiceXML and SQL Server data stores. He is an expert in web technologies, including web components, node.js, and MongoDB-driven backend systems.

Rob holds a Bachelor's degree in Astronomy from the University of California, Berkeley, and a Master's degree in Education from Stanford University.

Holly Knight, Principal

Holly Knight is a software industry veteran with years of experience in data and systems technologies. At Microsoft, Holly served as Principal Director of Program Management in the Data Platform Group. She was the program management lead for the Data Insights team that focused on data experimentation and insights for business and customer growth. Holly also made key leadership contributions to the AdCenter Revenue and Relevance, Windows, SQL, and Online Services divisions.

At Apple, Holly worked on network and routing protocols such as DNS, TCP/IP, and Appletalk. She also developed drivers, toolboxes, and contributed architectural design and development to BSD Unix and Apple's A/UX operating systems. She continued her focus on protocols during her early years at Microsoft contributing architectural design for home networking, universal plug and play, and XML.

Holly earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from the University of California, Davis, and a Master's degree in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Giorgio Vanzini, Principal

Giorgio Vanzini is an entrepreneur and senior executive with almost 30 years of experience in technology, telecommunication, software, media, education, and defense sectors. He held various leadership positions at Microsoft for 17 years, including General Manager for the Startup Business Group, creating new cloud-based services for Office applications for data visualization and IoT related services. He also shipped the first interactive television product at Microsoft.

As Chief of Staff for the president of the Entertainment and Devices division at Microsoft, he drove the implementation of the cloud migration strategy for Xbox. He led and build teams of up to 400 people in geographically distributed organizations.

Giorgio was Senior Vice President for product development and integration at DirecTV/AT&T Entertainment and Internet Services, where he shipped new web and satellite integrated content applications and services. He also defined DirecTV's API and partner strategy.

Giorgio holds a Bachelor's degree in Business from the Business School of Zurich, Switzerland and holds multiple software/technology patents.