Experience from years at Microsoft and the tech industry.

Translating between the technical and business domains.

Rob Bearman
Founder and CEO

Rob is the founder and CEO of Hyperfine. Rob is an experienced technical and strategic leader who brings a nuanced and wise understanding of markets and technologies, with an eye toward high level systems integration. He has led software development teams, mentored and empowered engineers, and participated in a vast number of technology areas over the course of his thirty-plus-year career.

Rob was a technical lead in the Windows group at Microsoft, helping to define new user interfaces such as the taskbar and desktop for Windows NT and Windows 95. He led the development team designing the prototype for Microsoft's Windows Media Center Edition, integrating for the first time music, movies, games, and digital television on a single system. He was also an expert in the design and implementation of Microsoft's Component Object Model.

As the founder of Hyperfine, Rob was a trusted and valued consultant partner for companies including Qualcomm and Microsoft. He developed a mobile location-based platform incorporating realtime maps and GPS tracking years before the iPhone made its appearance.

Rob built commercial mobile applications for Android and iOS devices under the Hyperfine brand. He has designed phone-based voice interfaces using VoiceXML and SQL Server data stores. He is an expert in web technologies, including web components, node.js, and MongoDB-driven backend systems. He is currently focused on building a map-based platform for the publishing and consumption of social media content.

Rob holds a Bachelor's degree in Astronomy from the University of California, Berkeley, and a Master's degree in Education from Stanford University.

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