Chime Time

Introducing Chime Time

Chime Time sounds the time at the top of the hour, half-hour and more, just like clock towers and house clocks do. Enjoy informative and entertaining clock sounds right in your Android device.

Chime Time

Pick a clock

Chime Time comes with a classic mantel clock, with more available from Google Play Store.

Big Ben Emma Royal Mariner Ethan Cuckoo

Pick a Clock

Set the volume

Make it loud when your phone is lying around, or quieter when it's nearby.

Set the Volume

Learn more

Every clock comes with a brief description, including historical information for those with a past.

Learn More

Set chiming times

If you prefer it quiet at night, set the chiming times to your waking hours.

Set Chiming Times

Chime only hours

If you would only like to hear the top of the hour, set Chime Time to chimes only hours.

Chime Only Hours

Shake to stop

Chiming at bad time? Just give your phone a shake to stop Chime Time instantly.

Shake to Stop

Stop during music

If you don't want chimes to sound during music, have Chime Time stop automatically.

Stop During Music
Chime Time

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